Consumer Technology

Security, mobile devices, cameras, MP3, notepads, gaming consoles, DVRs,
social media

B2B Technology

Security, data warehousing, enterprise software, data base analytics, BI, web, telecom, wireless


Networks, online media,
online videos, music, online content, mobile


Devices, social, casual, MMORPG, PC,
downloadable, mobile

Events/Grassroots PR

Social media, bloggers, experiential marketing

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“Intersect Communications has been an invaluable resource in assisting USA Network in being seen as an innovator and thought-leader in the digital world, through creative, intelligent and proactive PR initiatives and strategies. Before Intersect, our team had been pushing the boundaries in the cable network sector by developing brand extensions for our original programming, but we had rarely been recognized for the unprecedented results we achieved.  Intersect understood what we were trying to achieve and worked with our team to  identify and craft a strategic and clear path to achieving our communications and brand messaging goals. They have also been instrumental in providing USA access into new markets, such as the casual/social gaming space, helping to gain a level of credibility that we otherwise might not have achieved.”

Jesse Redniss
Vice President, Digital
USA & charterarcade.com


The Intersect Communications team is dedicated to bringing brands unprecedented visibility and strength.

Our active understanding of the evolving media landscape allows us to keep pace with new trends, while always staying true to the core skills that form the foundation of public relations. In a world of ever-changing media, we help our clients select the formats, vehicles and distribution methods likeliest to reach the targeted audience.

We know that the basics of good communications—a strong story, told in a clear, compelling, actionable way that intersects an audience where they are—will never be obsolete. With this idea in mind, our team builds powerful, memorable, on-brand messages that are always consistent, no matter where they appear.