Intersect Consulting Division (ICD)


Consumer Technology

Security, mobile devices, cameras, MP3, notepads, gaming consoles, DVRs,
social media

B2B Technology

Security, data warehousing, enterprise software, data base analytics, BI, web, telecom, wireless


Networks, online media,
online videos, music, online content, mobile


Devices, social, casual, MMORPG, PC,
downloadable, mobile

Events/Grassroots PR

Social media, bloggers, experiential marketing

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“With continuous, measurable success, I’ve taken Intersect with me through my career and various Companies.

I’ve found their ability to translate business and communications objectives, while identifying and tapping into existing and emerging trends, into tangible results is unparalleled.

From the start, Intersect works to develop a clear strategic communications plan that addresses specific business challenges in a creative and intelligent manner.

They’ve pushed me and my team to think about our industry and offering.

We’ve seen the direct results of stellar PR to our bottom line and for that, I will continue to entrust Intersect with our communications needs.”

Vice President of Products and Marketing
DeepNines, Inc.

Some industries—most notably those in the financial world—have a thriving and proven consulting structure. We recognized that a similar service was conspicuously absent from the communications sector, which led us to create the Intersect Consulting Division.

The majority of failed relationships between clients and firms can be traced to the early stages of the partnership. Frequent challenges include:

Offered in three phases, our consulting approach helps to foster a truly effective agency-client connection.

Service A: One Month PR Consultancy

The first phase of our consulting service is crucial in setting the tone for clients to better understand their own needs, identify and prioritize objectives and finally identify possible agencies that match those needs.

Intersect will spend one month (or less) working with a client’s executive team to delve into the company’s internal understanding, perspective, biases, expectations, needs and goals in working with a firm.  Upon completion of an extensive research gathering procedure, we will present the client with a tailored RFP that will help the company secure an agency that focuses on what it can do for the potential client.  Additionally, Intersect will provide the client with a short list of top candidates in multiple categories that should receive the finished RFP.

Service B: Outsourced Review Process

Many executives may not realize the amount of time and energy that can and should go into selecting a partner agency. Intersect provides a secondary service to the client, which includes the process of inviting agencies to bid on the client’s business, educating the select agencies on client needs and sitting through the first round of presentations.

When we have narrowed the list to the top three candidates, those agencies will be invited back to present to company executives and marketing teams. This allows potential clients to have a fresh perspective on the proposals and helps reduce the potential for making a decision based simply on a need to complete the task. We think exhaustion, confusion and difficulty in seeing presentation differences should never be apart of the selection process.

Service C: Centralized PR Database

Many industries have a centralized database containing information on agencies in specific sectors. While the PR industry has such lists, they can often be incomplete or influenced by biased opinions.

Intersect is building a unique database that will provide key information on agencies, such as core specialties, client experiences (good and bad), locations, sizes and more.

Please visit our site soon for more information about this upcoming service.